Real Recommendations

Next Generation AI Powered Search and Recommendations

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Personalized AI Recommendations

By recommending what your users really want, we make the shopping journey easier and more relevant.

Delvify’s technology uses the world’s most advanced AI research to offer AI driven Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision search and recommendations.

We sort, categorize and identify products and features for a variety of business. Using these advanced tools, you can drive new insights into your structured and unstructured data achieving unparalleled efficiency.

Increase sales and relevance

AI Recommendations

Using the full power of Natural Language Understanding, your customers can be shown exactly what they desire even if they use negative tenses, misspell words and use long sentences. We combine our NLP with content and collaborative filtering to drive more relevance and sales.

Drive efficiency

No keyword tagging

Using our proprietary AI tools, we can more accurately find the product your customer is looking for by simply reading and matching your product descriptions.  No keyword tagging needed at all.

Sort your data

Auto Categorization

Accurately and quickly categorize your inventory to ensure data driven analytics function as they were designed.  Our computer vision allows you to categorize products with fewer errors and track inventory efficiently.

Real Recommendations

Key Features

Personalized Recommendations

Drive 10% more conversions with our advanced AI powered recommendation solution


Understands Syntactic and Semantic relationships within product descriptions and search

Computer Vision

Understand products with our advanced RCNN masking technology

no keyword tagging

Remove reliance and manual work used in old product recommendation solutions

collaborative filtering

Surface results based on similar user behaviour and interactions with our custom algorithms

Advanced Categorization

Track and identify products with more efficiency and speed

Native Solution

Natively built, our tech is in a class of its own and scalable

Inventory Management

Drive value for your business by delivering what is best for the business not the social likes.

Interactive Overlay

Improve CX with our intuitive user overlay increasing your conversion rates

Understanding your needs

Delvify's Native AI Solution

Natively built, our tech is in a class of its own.  Scalable to your needs, we can create a secure environment for your data, ensuring it never leaves your company.  100% secure and 100% yours.  Power you data with our custom built AI models.

deliver scalable results

How to get started


Send us your product feed (CSV, XML and others) and design requirements for the recommendations.


Simply add Delvify's JavaScript to your site and once we have ran a QA you're ready to launch!


Our team are on hand to optimize your campaigns. Watch our AI increase your ROI!

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Ask Us Anything

It depends on the particulars of your site, but recommendations for Amazon, which use a simpler recommendation engine, represent about 70% of their total sales.

Just provide us the with the requisite data set and your client representative will asses the training time to get started.

No.  Our tools are all natively built and fully customized for your business.

NLP accuracy is better than humans in certain tasks.  Please see our blog posts for more insights.

Retraining refers to the process of adding new information and updating the models we build.  This make them more accurate and responsive to your business.

It depends on the amount of your data but generally every 3-6 months is recommended.

With our advanced recommendation engine we drive up to 10% more conversions increasing click through rates by 3X driving you more sales!

Getting started with Delvify is simple and easy. Just provide us with your product feed and our team will pre-process and clean your data. Our Client Services team will then be on hand to get you set up.

get started with delvify

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