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We help clients deliver efficient programmatic campaigns that bring results

Delvify provides end-to-end programmatic campaign management, partnering with the best tools available for marketers and agencies. 

Our team of experts help create custom strategies for each campaign to deliver your goals.

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Programmatic is much more than just display banners. Your audiences now more than ever consume media in a multitude of ways and devices each day. With our team we can help you reach and scale your audiences across all connected devices.

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Deliver ads to the right consumer, on the right screen, with the right message. Using programmatic, our team can help you find and target more effectively and at scale through our advanced tools to drive ROI.

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Machine Learning

We take the guesswork out of trading with guidance on targeting parameters and data sets based on our vast trading experience as well as learnings from previous campaign data.

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We don’t work with rigid contracts, so your campaigns with us are as flexible as our team. With our transparent model we collaborate with you to create and support your campaign goals. Speak to our experts today and activate your next campaign.


Target and reach the right audience at the right time

Data Driven Creative

Deliver personalized creative messaging through data signals


Recover abandoned users with retargeting ads


Drive brand awareness through scalable video solutions


Reach users on the go with mobile targeting

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Ensure your brand is protected with multi level filtering

aI optimization

Advanced custom algorithms to optimize your campaigns goals

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Measure your KPIs with custom attribution models


Surface trends and insights with our data analytics team

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Each business has different needs and goals. To help you deliver your campaign goals, we offer a variety of buying models to meet your objectives.  

Learn more about our custom models and how we can help set up your campaigns for success.

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Programmatic ad buying refers to the use of automation to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs and manual work. In short, it’s more efficient and the future of advertising!

Google Display Network is one of many partners in which you can buy ads on. With Programmatic buying you can extend your reach across all partners as well as enabling advanced targeting to deliver your campaign goals.

Programmatic is much more than just banners. In fact most ads are now bought programmatically; banners, video, mobile, connected tv, social, audio. With programmatic you can reach your audience across all channels and devices.

With the advanced AI algorithms and 3rd party tools you can reduce and eliminate fraud with programmatic buying. Ensuring that your money is spent more efficiently and in brand safe environments. 

We don’t work with rigid contracts so your campaigns with us are as flexible as our team, ensuring we focus on your needs and deliver your campaign goals.

With Programmatic you can leverage a vast amount of data, allowing you to accurately reach and target your users, whether it be demographic, intent, interest or keywords. 

Through Machine Learning, look-a-like modelling enables you to discover new audiences to scale your brand. 

Delvify provides end-to-end programmatic campaign management, partnering with the best programmatic tools available to help you deliver your campaign goals.

That’s unfortunate to hear, campaigns can not work for many reasons, however, with the right approach and strategy Programmatic can help you scale and deliver highly targeted ads to your audience. Speak to our team of experts today to see how our approach can help your campaign goals.

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