Artificial Super Intelligence

Contact Us Intelligence that is as good as or better than human intelligence in virtually all domains of interest is sometimes referred to as Artificial Super Intelligence or ASI. It is the stuff of wild speculation.  But how we think of ASI is important because it will help us understand how current development of AI […]

AGI and the race for supremacy

agi the race for supremacy.

Contact Us What is the I in AI?  When we speak of “Intelligence” in machines, what do we mean?  The phrase, Artificial General Intelligence (“AGI”), is one attempt to define more clearly what we mean by human-level intelligence.  Goertzel (2014) defined AGI as a synthetic intelligence with sufficiently broad (e.g. human-level) scope and strong generalization […]

What is A.N.I.

Contact Us Many of us are impressed by Alpha Go which defeated the world’s best Go player or Deep Blue, IBM’s champion chess player.  Both of these complicated machines did one thing very, very well.  They won a game with well-defined rules and an objective measurable outcome.   The combination of deep reinforcement learning, multi-agent learning, […]

AI Predictions 2020

AI predictions 2020

Contact Us We enter this decade with some very exciting momentum (and a few flops) in tech.  Some of our readers may well remember Galaxy Phones bursting into flames, Google Hangouts with no friends, a confusing Windows 8 and the Facebook Phone that made the Blackberry look good.  But behind all of the not-very-good-ideas there […]

Natural Language Processing – Where are we now?


When the conversation turns to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and analytics many exciting fantasies of the future are passed around with little thought to the underlying concepts and the myriad possibilities already available.

What is NLP?

what is NLP

At present, as powerful as it is, NLP can really be thought of as a way for a human being to access some information. It is not a conversation in any real human (or perhaps animal) sense. Find out more to understand how we NLP today.

An introduction to AI

what is AI

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a phrase near the top of many business planning discussions. But how can we define AI?

What Are You Looking For?

NLP Search

Search. A user types a word in your site’s search bar and like magic all your tagged images are displayed. But why are you using a 21-year-old technology?


Since the beginning of time, humans and some animals have been able to communicate using several abstraction techniques. The communication exists in different forms such as gestures, languages, emotions, etc. Next to abstract mathematics, both spoken and written language is perhaps the most complicated and most interesting communication tool humans use.


Many of our readers may have heard about BERT, the acronym for a Bidirectional Encoder Representation Transformer. Some might have used the pretrained model from BERT for fine-tuning on their own tasks using their own datasets. However, according to a recent survey, even among users, very few understand the architecture of BERT.